Looking for a creative toolmaker? How about a whole team of them? We provide urgent tooling for advanced manufacturers in our region. We also like to customize simple machines for friends in other regions. Thanks for visiting. We’re here to help you be more productive.

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Lafayette Tool And Die

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Your partner in custom machinery, prototypes, and toolroom services. Serving advanced manufacturers with cutting-edge technology and expertise.


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Address : 1836 Monon Ave Lafayette, IN 47904

Excellence in Tooling and Manufacturing

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually improve and innovate, providing advanced manufacturing solutions that meet and exceed industry standards.

About Us

Forging Success from Innovation and Expertise

Founded in 1995 by toolmaker Larry Skinner, Lafayette Tool and Die has always been driven by a passion for creativity and practical problem-solving. With over a decade of industry experience, we specialize in precision engineering and tooling solutions, including custom machinery, prototypes, and comprehensive toolroom services.

In 2018, Larry partnered with Little Engine Ventures to ensure our longevity in the community. This collaboration allowed us to purchase our building, update equipment, hire engineering support, and launch this new website. Our commitment to quality and innovation remains unwavering, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of advanced manufacturers.

Our skilled team leverages cutting-edge technology to turn complex challenges into success stories. Join us as we continue to forge new paths in the manufacturing industry, driving progress and excellence. Stop by, call, or email – Larry and the crew are still here to serve.

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Innovation and Precision in Every Project

At Lafayette Tool and Die, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted expertise and commitment to excellence. Since 1995, we’ve been dedicated to delivering top-notch tooling solutions that cater to the evolving needs of advanced manufacturers.

Our Journey

From our humble beginnings to partnering with Little Engine Ventures in 2018, we’ve continuously upgraded our capabilities, including modernizing our equipment and enhancing our engineering support.

Our Commitment

We combine decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to provide custom machinery, prototypes, and comprehensive toolroom services. Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving manufacturing excellence.


Creative tooling

We supply urgent toolroom services to advanced manufacturers within 40 miles of Lafayette, IN. If you need a toolmaker, tooling, custom machinery, prototypes, reverse engineering for hard to find replacement parts or post production research projects, please contact us for a custom quote. We prioritize our biggest customers.

Tooling repair

We provide precise tooling repair services to quickly diagnose and fix issues, ensuring your equipment’s optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Reverse Engineering of Custom or Out-of-Production Tooling Parts

We specialize in reverse engineering to recreate and enhance custom or out-of-production tooling parts, ensuring your equipment continues to perform optimally with precise, high-quality replacements.

Large Die Set Repairs

We provide expert large die set repairs, restoring precision and functionality to extend the lifespan and performance of your critical manufacturing components.


We offer comprehensive prototyping services for both parts and entire products. Utilizing a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, plastic, and copper, we ensure precision and quality in every prototype. Whether you need a single prototype or a small run of parts, our expert team is equipped to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Die Sets

We specialize in building complete die sets and providing expert repairs for large die sets. Our services ensure that your die sets are precise, durable, and ready to meet the demands of your manufacturing processes. Trust us for comprehensive solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of your die sets.

We Make Simple, Customized Machines For Light Manufacturers.

If you are looking at off-the-shelf machines for your business but cannot seem to locate the perfect solution at a price point you like, a simple, custom machine might be the answer. Contact us about the following:

For more information or to request a quote, please call us or fill out the inquiry form . Our team is ready to assist you with all your tooling and manufacturing needs. Reach out today and let us help you find the perfect solution for your project.


Bench Ovens

We manufacture high temperature 120v bench ovens with capacities up to 3 cubic feet. These ovens are designed for precision and reliability, making them ideal for various industrial applications that require controlled high-temperature environments.


Microblasting Systems

We manufacture table top microblasting machines specifically designed for altering small parts with precision. These machines are perfect for detailed work, providing reliable and efficient results.


Lossless Shearing Machines

We manufacture lossless shearing machines designed for high-value materials formed as billets. Our machines ensure precision and minimal material waste, with measurements by screw, scale, or both.


Box Folding Fixtures

These machines are built to streamline the cardboard box folding process, ensuring precision and efficiency. Ideal for various production scales, our machines enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks, making them perfect for businesses looking to improve their packaging workflow.



We specialize in creating embedded systems for various industrial applications. Our custom-designed solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing operations, providing reliable and efficient control for machinery and processes.



Our custom PLC solutions enhance efficiency, reliability, and precision in your manufacturing processes. With expertise in various PLC platforms, we provide tailored systems that integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment, ensuring smooth operation and improved productivity.


Industrial Controls

From PLCs to embedded systems, we deliver reliable and innovative control solutions that support the complexity and demands of modern industrial environments.


Intelligent machines

Our intelligent machines are capable of performing complex tasks with high precision and efficiency, adapting to changing conditions and optimizing performance in real-time. These systems are ideal for enhancing productivity and quality in various industrial applications.

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